Pimlico's The Constitution is getting a makeover

The Constitution

Have you heard the news?

The Constitution Pub on Churton Street in Pimlico is being refurbished and renovated, and will re-open its doors in mid-September.  It is not clear whether the pub has new owners, but whatever is happening to the place, it is certainly getting a major makeover and we at SW1.London are excited!

The renovations started on 8 August and if you pass by the pub, you’ll notice the major work and the scaffolding on the entire building.

According to the Pub’s new twitter account, The Constitution will host a private event on the 14 September for friends, local businesses and the media and afterwards the pub will be open to the public.

Prior to the refurbishment, the pub was not amongst the most chic, trendy place in the SW1 hood. It lacked the fashionable and stylish charm other pubs have in the area. This is something that is expected to change dramatically following the refurbishment. And it won’t come as a surprise as the whole of Churton Street is changing, with shops and cafes like Gail’s, The Roasting and Cacio & Pepe having opened over the past months. The street is becoming one of the hotspots in Pimlico.

Pimlico residents are very excited about this new opening as the area continues to lack a variety of good drinking spots. Keep an eye on The Constitution’s Twitter and Facebook pages for updates and make sure to visit once the Pub has re-opened its doors in September!

The Constitution (source: Facebook)
The Constitution (source: Facebook)

Here is a brief history of The Constitution – 

The Constitution, built in 1842 by the Master Builder Richard Lacy, was the first Italiante, ornate tavern built in Pimlico. The Constitution Tavern, as it was known then, was the hub of Lacy’s well-designed terrace line that reached around the corner into neighbouring Denbigh Street. Its’ main and probably only clients back then were the labourers and builders constructing the neighbouring terraces. It is not clear where the Pub’s name originates from. Some people suggest the pub’s proximity to the Houses of Parliament might be the reason. But this doesn’t explain the Nautical theme you can find inside. The pub was therefore more likely named as a mark of respect to the ‘USS Constitution’ – an American warship, which the Russell Crowe film ‘Master and Commander’ was based on.

The Constitution in the 1940's
The Constitution in the 1940’s

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