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Itsu Sushi

People who live and work in SW1 are amongst the first in the UK to benefit from itsu’s digital delivery service straight to their door by “ninja” riders on electric bikes & scooters.  itsu, the chain of Asian-inspired quick service food shops, restaurants and groceries, has launched a new delivery app ‘itsu [to you]’ which delivers freshly prepared sushi, salads, hot noodles & curries for lunch and dinner. The free app, downloadable from the App Store, is perfect for groups.

The ‘itsu [to you]’ app allows a group to collaboratively build a single order, share dishes, and then pay individually using the chosen payment method – including Apple Pay. SW1 residents are able to communicate with the driver – dubbed ‘ninjas’ – and track their delivery to their door. The kitchen, menu and even the packaging is designed for delivery.

“There’s no doubt that people place enormous value in being able to ‘buy back’ their time and attention – the key currency of the 21st century. Freeing up time from must-do chores to focus on more productive or enjoyable activities is big business – and shopping, planning and cooking are things that many of us simply don’t have the time for. Unfortunately the convenient options are usually the ones that are high in fat, sugar and salt,” said Celeste Tobias-Metcalfe, Managing Director, itsu [to you]. “itsu [to you] provides healthy, great tasting food whilst improving the convenience factor by allowing people to collaboratively order and pay. itsu [to you] allows people to order apart through technology… and eat fresh food together.’’

“We elected to work with the best technology partners rather than use an ‘out of the box’ solution. The service, and business, is vital to the future of itsu and we couldn’t compromise on the customer experience,” continued Tobias-Metcalfe.

The first itsu [to you] kitchen & ninja fleet are based just south of the river in Vauxhall, all Asian inspired dishes are made fresh to order with a delivery promise of 30 minutes. For more info, go to

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