Delizie D’Italia, Lupus Street

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Delizie D’Italia is one of Pimlico’s few cafes and some people claim that it offers the best coffee in the neighborhood.

The café is located on the corner of Lupus Street and Alderney Steet and is only five minutes walk from Pimlico Underground Station. It has a few tables inside and on a sunny day you can also enjoy your coffee and panini outside. It’s a small cafe, offering seating to about 15 – 20 people.

The Deli Delizie D’Italia serves an array of freshly home made deli items and Italian meals, and a wide range of cold meats and savoury items as well as a selection of wines and sandwiches to take away.

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You can order Italian delights from homemade pesto, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, rocket and grilled aubergine to delicious Sfogliatine to have with your drink. (For those who haven’t tried them before, Sfogliatine are delicious crisp, flaky pastries filled with chocolate, vanilla and lemon custard and lightly dusted with sugar).

The café doesn’t have its own website nor an official social media presence. This adds to its character as being a spot that is very different from others in the area or even London as a whole.  People who come here are mainly locals from around Pimlico.

The staff – all Italians – are very friendly and are (of course!) passionate about quality food and good coffee. The radio is always on and the energetic music adds to the refreshing atmosphere in the cafe.

If you’re looking for good coffee and a small bite to eat, this is your place. Don’t come here if you’re looking to bring you laptop to do work – there is other places in Pimlico that are more suitable for that.

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The café receives mostly positive reviews on the internet with people describing Deli Delizie D’Italia as a “great place to escape to” and “excellent little deli”. People mostly talk about the delicious sandwiches and the good coffee Deli Delizie D’Italia offers!

The drinks’ prices are relatively cheap in comparison to other cafes in the area.

The opening hours are Mon-Fri 09:00-19:00, Sat 09:00-18:00, Sun 10:00-18:00. The address is: 70 Lupas Street, SW1V 3EJ.

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