90 Claverton Street

During WWII, in the evening of 22nd September 1940, at 11.36pm, a high explosive bomb detonated on 90 Claverton Street in Pimlico. The building, as well as adjacent 94 Grosvenor Road suffered severe damage and eventually total collapse. The street is situated just west of Dolphin Square, which itself was also badly hit during the Blitz. At first, only one casualty was reported, but upon closer inspection rescue crews discovered a total of four casualties in the ruins.

Both buildings also suffered damage to the coal gas main, and because of the debris of the collapsed buildings, Grosvenor Road and Claverton Street were both blocked off for vehicles.

90 Claverton Street (Westminster City Archives)
90 Claverton Street (Westminster City Archives)

90 Claverton Street - Image 2

90 Claverton Street - Image 1

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