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Discovering Cardinal Place

Discovering Cardinal Place

Over the past ten years the area around Victoria has been undergoing an exciting transformation. A vibrant district is emerging in the heart of London, largely due to the development […]

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The Union Pub - Pimlico Road (Source:

Brief history of Pimlico

Pimlico is a residential neighbourhood in central London in the City of Westminster. Just like Belgravia, to which it was built as a southern extension, Pimlico is known for its grand garden […]

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itsu [to you]… delivered to your door

itsu [to you]… delivered to your door

People who live and work in SW1 are amongst the first in the UK to benefit from itsu’s digital delivery service straight to their door by “ninja” riders on electric bikes & […]

December 6, 2016 × 1 comment

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“Other People” at St James Theatre

“Other People” at St James Theatre

Lunchtime theatre returns to the St James Theatre this month, with Lightbox Theatre’s 50-minute show, Other People. Since it opened in 2012, the St James Theatre has developed quite an […]

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Waiting For Waiting For Godot, St James Theatre

Waiting For Waiting For Godot, St James Theatre – Review

Whilst I’ve never doubted the significance of Samuel Beckett as a playwright, I always found his work mentally bruising with its often bleak outlook on life. I was buoyed, however, as I […]

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The Red Lion, Westminster (source:

The Red Lion in Westminster

Today’s Red Lion pub stands on the site of a medieval tavern – known in 1434 as the Hopping Hall. The tavern passed through various hands and traded under many names in […]

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Belgravia, History

Ebury Street - Belgravia (Source:

Ebury Street and Belgravia

Belgravia is part of the London Borough of Westminster and the SW1 area. Originally, the 400 acres of land was inherited by the Grosvenor family and was named Belgravia after Belgrave, home […]

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History, Pimlico

North-west view of ‘Jenny Whim's’ Bridge over the Canal in Pimlico by an unknown artist, 1815.  The Thames can be seen in the distance. (Courtesy of the British Museum)

London’s expansion and trade

In 1800, London, Europe’s biggest city, had just under one million inhabitants and measured five miles across from Hyde Park Corner to Wapping and two miles from Sadler’s Wells, Clerkenwell to St […]

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